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Alexei Kouprianov @ LJ | History of Taxonomy | Entomology

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8 July 1970
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Graduated from St Petersburg State University (Biology dept.) in 1992 where specialised in Entomology. Later on switched to the History of Science (2005: Ph. D. from Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Moscow). Now, like other academic people, I am combining teaching and research with some journalist activities. I am working for the St Petersburg branch of the Higher School of Economics, teach part-time at St Petersburg State University, and volunteer at a Club for amateur entomologists dubbed "Alexei Kouprianov Entomology Circle". From the fall of 2006 I publish occasional papers at http://polit.ru/science/

Resarch interests: history of science and education, sociology of scientific knowledge, history of natural history, taxonomy, etc. Hobbies: entomology.


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